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Tanya Poppett Core Workout

Fire Up Your Abs With This Trainer's Killer Core Workout

Most people love getting in a good ab workout, but rely on the same old moves: crunches, planks, and scissor kicks. But trainer Tanya Poppett decided to kick things up a notch with the core workout she posted on Instagram. Tanya showed off some variations on standard core exercises that will definitely mix up your workout and leave you feeling sore.

She showcased moving wall planks, a Pallof shuffle, hallow dead bugs, shoulder tap leg lifts, and a stationary bear crawl. Tanya said to do between 10 and 20 reps of each move with adequate recovery in between (about 30 to 90 seconds). Go for two to three rounds. If you find yourself unable to keep the form, she says to stop and recover before trying again.

"Improving my core strength has been a big focus of mine lately," Tanya wrote in her caption. "A lot of the progress I've noticed has actually come down to changing the way I breathe and now learning to apply that in my training." If you're looking to mix up your ab workout, try taking on these advanced moves to build up your core strength and improve mobility.

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