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Tips For Running a 10k

4 Expert Ways to Conquer a 10K With Confidence

Running may seem hard in the beginning, but as soon as you master your breathing technique and build your endurance, you can reap the amazing physical and mental benefits of pounding the pavement.
According to Adidas's runners' captain, James Heptonstall, Summer is the best time to start increasing your miles, so read on for his expert tips that'll help you hit your best running rhythm in pursuit of conquering a 10k.

Join a Running Club

If you aren't a self-motivator, it can be easy to stagnate with the pace and distances of your run, but finding a running buddy or joining a running club is a great way to boost morale and motivation. Running with people of similar abilities can make you more comfortable when it comes to pushing yourself.

Eat Accordingly

Fuelling your body the right way is important for every runner. When increasing your distance, load up on slow-releasing, complex carbs like brown rice, brown bread, and porridge for a sustained energy release. Immediately postrun, replenish your energy stores with fat-releasing carbs like while pasta, white bread, or jacket potato.


Try Cross-Training

Taking time away from running to incorporate different types of training into your fitness is important not just for giving your joints a rest, but also because it allows you to focus on strengthening your core and legs, which in turn help you improve your running ability.

Mix It Up

Running the same route or trail every day may be convenient, but it can lead to complacency. Break away from what you're used to and start switching your run up by adding things like sprints, intervals, and hill runs that will challenge you and help build your endurance.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock
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