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Trader Joe's Low-Calorie Ice Cream

Trader Joe's Just Made All Our Dreams Come True by Selling This Low-Calorie, High-Protein Ice Cream

We can't get enough low-fat, high-protein ice cream. We devour Halo Top, delight over Enlightened, and scoop up Breyer's Delights. But there's one ice cream brand that not only packs more protein than the rest, but is also now stocked at Trader Joe's — ProYo.

Instagram account @traderjoeslist posted photos of a Trader Joe's location that now sells ProYo ice cream in several flavours. It clocks in at an impressive 10 grams of protein and 120 calories, two grams of fat, 19 grams of carbs, three grams of fibre, and nine grams of sugar, with seven grams of sugar alcohol per half-cup serving. Although it's on the higher end of calories, carbs, and sugar compared to Halo Top, it still has fewer calories and less sugar and fat than regular full-fat ice cream. Plus, the protein count is impressive: 35 grams for the entire pint!

The best part? Each pint is only $2! As lovers of low-fat, high-protein ice cream know, indulging in these tasty pints can do some damage to your wallet. Grocery stores like Whole Foods sell Halo Top for around $5 or $6 a pint.

Although we couldn't confirm which locations currently stock ProYo, it's worth checking the freezer section of your local TJ's to be sure. Also worth nothing: it seems ProYo has rebranded to Swell. The name and branding is different — Swell by ProYo — but pints still pack the same 10 grams of protein per serving ( redirects to

Keep an eye out next time you visit TJ's for this wallet-friendly low-fat, high-protein ice cream! And like the sign says, stock up while it lasts.

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