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Trader Joe’s Sprouted Whole Grain Pizza Crust Review

Holy Sh*t! There's a New Trader Joe's Whole Grain Pizza Crust, and This Is How It Tastes

While strolling through the aisles of Trader Joe's (my happy place), I squealed like a piglet when I saw this in the fridge section — Sprouted Whole Grain Pizza Crust. Trader Joe's + pizza = amazing, I'm sure, so of course I had to buy it.

I was very excited that it was vegan and made from sprouted grains, as I'm a fan of sprouted breads, like Ezekiel. The description on the package says "thin and crispy pizza crust from a blend of 7-sprouted whole grains and whole wheat." We're talking wheat berries, quinoa, millet, oat groats, barley, rye berries, and amaranth.

Why are sprouted grains healthier? The whole grains are soaked first and sprouted, as opposed to regular flour where the grains are ground the way they are. Julieanna Hever, certified plant-based dietitian, says "Some of the nutrients are retained and better absorbed when sprouted. Nutrients may be more readily absorbed in the body when they are sprouted prior to consumption."

Aside from being made with healthy, wholesome ingredients, half a plain pizza crust is just 280 calories. The serving size suggested is one-quarter, but come on, Trader Joe's — we're pizza-obsessed and we can't just eat two tiny pieces! Half the crust also offers six grams of filling fibre and 10 grams of protein. For comparison, Trader Joe's famous Cauliflower Pizza Crust is 240 calories for half the crust and only offers three grams each of fibre and protein.

But that's not what you care about. What you want to know is how it tastes. Um, delicious. It's thin and perfectly chewy and slightly crispy on the edges. Since I don't eat dairy, I topped one pizza crust (it comes with two) with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of Daiya Cutting Board Collection Mozzarella Shreds (it's waaaay better than the regular Daiya shreds). The other pie was topped with tomato sauce, chunks of Miyoko's Fresh VeganMozz mozzarella, and sliced sun gold tomatoes. My entire family devoured both pies within minutes.

On a side note, just make sure not to overcook your pizza. One of our pies was left in the oven a couple minutes longer, and it made the crust much crispier. If you like that, by all means, cook yours longer, but I'm a chewy crust kind of girl. I will definitely be buying this again to keep in the fridge for pizza emergencies.

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