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Vegan Ingredients That Make Smoothies Thick and Creamy

4 Smoothie Ingredients That'll Make Your Creamy Milkshake Dreams Come True

Smoothies make a great, meal prep-friendly addition to any menu. Not only do you have a myriad of healthy ingredients to choose from and endless flavour combinations to try, but you can also turn your smoothie into a wellness potion to suit particular needs.

As if that isn't enough, they also make great substitutes for your not-so-healthy favourite drinks. Although dairy-lovers do have it a lot easier when replicating milkshake recipes with things like yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese, vegans and nondairy eaters have alternative ingredients that can help them achieve the same. Read on for four ingredients that can go a long way to make your dairy-free milkshake dreams come true.

Nut butters

Although nut butters can be calorific, in moderation they make great additions, even to flat-belly smoothies. If you're not sure how to stick to the recipe suggestion, using actual nuts will give you the same protein and fibre hit and creamy texture.


Avocados have seemingly endless uses, and one of their best turns happen to be as smoothie ingredients. Blending up a drink like this avocado banana smoothie, which features avocado, will not only fill you up, but it'll also up your intake of heart-healthy good fats.

Coconut milk

Coconuts have given us a lot, from sugar and flavourful water to chips and milk. But when it comes to adding some creaminess to your smoothies, it's the milk you want. The thick, mildly sweet "milk", which is squeezed out of coconut flesh, can even be whipped into a cream that you can turn into desserts like chocolate mousse.

Silken tofu

Silken tofu is often used as a substitute for eggs because of its creamy, yoghurt-like consistency. This protein-packed ingredient is mostly flavourless, which makes it a great addition to smoothies like this healthy vanilla milkshake.

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