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Vi Headphones Review

The 1 Piece of Fitness Gear That Finally Turned Me Into a Runner

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One thing I never thought I'd become is a runner. I used to cringe at the very thought of running, and I was always terrible at it. I'm not saying that to be cute or modest. I truly could not run a whole mile without stopping — and complaining. Several times.

Last year was the time to change my tune, though. I started running regularly, and although it was miserable for the first few months, I eventually got the hang of it. I'm no pro yet, but I'm getting better and better. However, I couldn't have become friendly with the pavement without one piece of fitness gear that got me through all my runs: the Vi headphones ($159, originally $249).

These headphones are one of the first that use artificial intelligence to track all your stats, and a real-life person speaks to you while you're running rather than a robotic-like voice awkwardly saying words of encouragement to you. With my Vi headphones, I can, at any point in my run, ask what my current speed is, what my average speed is, how far I've run, and how many calories I've burned, and a very normal-sounding woman answers me in the blink of an eye. She even cracks a few jokes here and there that put a smile on my face. It's like having a familiar friend in your ear, helping you trek through every mile.

You can set up your Vi headphones to track all your runs, whether it's on a treadmill or outside, and you can also keep an eye on your heart rate during each workout. Vi headphones do a great job of reminding you of your personal bests and encouraging you to push a little farther. The whole thing is customizable as well, so if you feel like your Vi buddy is talking to you a little too much on your run, you can change the settings in the app. Vi will even help you fix up your step cadence if you allow her to.

All in all, I truly don't think I would enjoy running this much if it weren't for Vi. I love how the headphones fit and stay put in my ears, and seeing (and hearing!) all my data keeps me motivated and allows me to make a comprehensive running plan for myself. These headphones have helped me fall so deeply in love with running that I'm actually signing up for my first half marathon this year! And I know Vi will be right there to accompany me with every step, every mile, and every drop of sweat.

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Vi Headphones Review
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