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Weight Loss and Blue Plates

The Weird — but Simple — Change That Can Help You Eat Less

You already know how to lose weight because you've heard it a million times. But because you've never met a carb you didn't want to devour, dropping pounds is tough! That's why we welcome little tricks that can make losing weight easier, and this one is as simple as what you serve your meals on.

Research shows that the colour blue is an appetite suppressant because it's not associated with cravings in the brain. If you think about it, it makes sense. The only blue foods found in nature (and no, blue cupcakes don't count!) are blueberries. So our brains aren't trained to get hungry when we see blue-coloured foods.

While there are actually blue-tinted weight-loss sunglasses you can buy to make your food look dull and disgusting, you might get some looks if you wear them inside every night for dinner. So the easiest (and most socially acceptable) way to harness this tidbit of weight-loss knowledge is to serve up your snacks and meals on blue-coloured dishes. For a similar effect, you could also get some navy cloth napkins or azure-coloured candles for the table. We agree that it sounds a little farfetched, but if it might curb your appetite a little, it's worth a shot!

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