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What's the Difference Between Whey and Vegan Protein?

The Difference Between Vegan and Whey Protein

Protein shakes or bars are usually a convenient way to supplement your protein intake when you have specific goals like muscle gain or fat loss and aren't getting enough protein through your food. If you're interested in upping your protein and want to do it through sipping a quick shake rather than eating as many egg whites or beans as you can get your hands on, then you need the facts on your options.

Protein powders are available in either whey or vegan alternatives, with the simple difference between the two being that whey is extracted from milk solids while vegan varieties are derived from plant sources, making them the more obvious choice for vegans and vegetarians.

While whey proteins are more widely available and come in a variety of flavours, they contain dairy, which can cause bloating and might not be the best option if you're cutting down on dairy to maximise fat loss. Despite this, they come in diet varieties and owe their creamy, milkshake texture to the milk solids they contain.

Plant-based proteins, in comparison, are harder to get your hands on and commonly come in unflavoured varieties with the purpose of fortifying sweet or savoury foods, making them easier to incorporate into your daily foods. For a more convenient pre- or post-workout shake, you can try a flavoured alternative, which usually don't have the creaminess of whey proteins, but what they lack in taste and texture they make up for in fibre and amino acids.

Ultimately, picking the right protein depends on your goals, macro-nutrient needs, and lifestyle.


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