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What to Do If You Hate Exercise

This Fat-Loss Coach Explains What to Do If You Hate Exercise

With all the gym selfies and #RiseandGrind posts on social media, you would think all fit people love working out. And while there are many people who genuinely enjoy working out, it still may seem like a chore to most people, no matter how fit they are. If you're one of those who finds yourself dreading going to the gym and hating exercise, fitness and fat-loss coach Carter Good (@cartergood on Instagram) has some pointers.

He said in a post on Instagram that if you exercise just to burn calories, you will get burned out and may end up quitting altogether. If you treat exercise as punishment, you will only worsen your self-image and relationship with working out. And if you don't exercise to benefit your goals, such as doing endless crunches to get rid of belly fat, you will get discouraged.

Instead, he recommends focusing on exercise that is beneficial for your goals. Pair exercise with chores and other activities, such as walking your dog or jogging to the store or only listen to your favourite podcasts when you're working out. Finally, exercising with friends and family will keep you accountable and may end up being more fun.

"What's cool about the three 'good things' above is they all make exercise a more enjoyable process, which makes it easier to stay consistent, which turns exercise into a habit," he wrote in his caption. "Once exercising is a habit, you won't have to rely on as much motivation or rewards to get going."

If you're starting from square one and really don't know where to begin with an exercise routine, we have three tips to start without feeling overwhelmed: make small changes, such as starting out with a 10-minute session in your living room and working your way up. Set realistic goals; don't expect to lose 50 pounds overnight. Instead, start small and make new goals as you reach your small milestones. Finally, pick an activity you like. Otherwise, you will get discouraged and may give up on working out altogether.

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