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What Are Weight Watchers Wellness Wins?

The New Initiative From WW Will Means You Can Earn Swag as You Hit Your Goals

At the end of January, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) rolled out its new "WellnessWins" programme in the UK. It's an additional feature to the existing WW plan that rewards everyday behaviours and progress, rewarding more than just weight loss, as the company moves toward a more all-encompassing focus on wellness and lifestyle.

In essence, the programme works like a loyalty rewards scheme: if you complete certain actions regularly and log them in the WW app, you'll earn "wins". These build up over time and can eventually be cashed in for swag and experiences that will continue to help you on your WW journey: things like water bottles, yoga mats, baseball caps, headphones, and gym bags. The rewards are tiered, so WW members can choose to cash them in at different levels depending on their progress. There will also be premium rewards for long-term members, chosen in partnership with like-minded wellness brands.

The actions you need to complete to get your wins range from logging food, to weighing in, to completing an exercise. Each action has a number of wins associated with it (usually somewhere between five and 25), and at present, the Tier 1 rewards require an accumulation of 1,500 wins. It would probably take most WW users about 10 weeks to accumulate the wins to hit that level, depending on how strict they are with their tracking.

Since the system relies on members honestly logging their actions in the app, there is obviously some room to game it to get "freebies". But WW has clearly factored this in: the low-tier rewards are not really worth the amount of work that would be required on a daily basis over a number of weeks of "cheat" your way to a prize, plus everyone's paying membership fees of up to £13 a month to access the app in the first place. The idea of the wins is to just give an extra little reward for making those daily habits part of a long-term lifestyle change.

If you're a WW user, you should have seen your Wins appearing on the app in the past couple of weeks, in the "journey" section. If not, head to the App store, and make sure you have the latest version of the app.

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