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What Workouts Does a Dancer Do?

Wanna Know How This Professional Dancer Stays in Shape? These Are Her Workouts

Dancers make their job look so easy that we sometimes forget how much hard work they put in every single day. Their livelihood stems from having a healthy, superfit body, so they know what it takes to stay in shape. Keon Saghari, contemporary dancer, choreographer, and yoga instructor, is no exception, and she chatted with POPSUGAR about her fitness routine.

"My primary workouts are Bikram yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Training Guide (BBG), and of course dancing," she said. Keon moves her body every day in some capacity, whether she's dancing, exercising, or going on a hike. Many days, she'll do two different workouts, because the more she can move, the better. "I typically take one day off," she added.

Keon is certified to teach Bikram yoga, a practice that's conducted in a heated room. "The heated room for Bikram yoga has benefited my flexibility and skin's complexion," she told POPSUGAR. "Not only does the heat allow a safe environment for deep stretching, but it makes me sweat! I drink loads of water, which flushes out my system and helps my body function at its best."

Additionally, Keon loves doing Inferno Hot Pilates, which is a "high-intensity, low-impact interval training using Pilates principles in a heated room. It's a great way for me to build strength without putting pressure on my joints." She calls these classes "muscle-burning fun" because they're complete with fun music and high energy.

You can also find Keon at the gym, where she does her BBG workouts to stay strong. "I'm one of those awkward people who doesn't know how to navigate a weight room, so I just pull up the app on my phone and let my BBG workout lead my way!" she told POPSUGAR.

Her career requires her to "physically connect with other dancers and push my body to move in new ways," and all of these workouts pave the way for Keon to stay healthy and fit as well as perform on stage at her highest level. For anyone who is just starting hot yoga, Pilates, BBG, or any other fitness regimen for the first time, she urges, "Be patient with yourself! Your hardest job is getting to the class. Once you are there, the rest will fall into place and you get to enjoy the benefits of your hard work."

Image Source: Jayson Carpenter
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