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Why It's Important to Measure Heart Rate During Workouts

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It’s time to start tracking your heart rate all the way to your goals. We've partnered with Fitbit to show how working smart is just as important as working hard when reaching new heights with fitness.

Fitness is a numbers game, and keeping count can be pretty daunting, especially if all you're trying to do is up your fitness levels or lose a few pounds. When counting everything from macros to reps to calories starts demotivating you, it's time to strip your approach back down to the basics, and focus on the one number that'll help you get the most out of your hard work: your heart rate.

Strapping on a heart rate tracker like the Fitbit Alta HR isn't just suited to seasoned fitness lovers tracking their stats, or beginners trying to find out what works. It's great for anyone who's interested in what's going on with their ticker for a number of reasons.

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Spot Suspicious Heart Activity

Investing in a fitness tracker with heart rate monitoring is beneficial in a myriad of ways. Believe it or not, a consistently elevated heart rate that isn't easily explained could be an indicator that your body is fighting the beginning stages of an infection or an inflammatory illness. If you're familiar with your resting heart rate, tracking any abnormal spikes or dips through your Fitbit dashboard can be the first line of defence against any bugs.

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Tailor Your Results

When it comes to workouts, sweating your way through hard sessions and not seeing the results you want can be demotivating. When nothing seems to be working, we start throwing everything at the wall hoping something will stick, or simply give up. Wearing a tracker can help you bypass struggling through aimless plateaus. By trying different workouts and comparing your heart rate readings for each, you can easily see what gets your heart rate rising for longer.

Your tracker also records your heart rate for each period of activity in your day, and the breakdown of how long you spend in each heart rate zone can help you tailor your workouts to your desired results. For instance, If you want to burn fat at a faster rate, you might do more of what gets you in your peak zone. If you want to build up your endurance, you'd do more of what gets you in your cardio zone.

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Live Life on Your Terms

If all you want is to know is how active you are while going about your day, tracking your heart rate is a surefire way of putting your mind at ease as to whether you're doing enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All isn't lost just because you don't have time to work out. Wearing a tracker throughout the day will give you an accurate idea of whether or not the walk during your commute or around the shops at lunch time is heart-raising enough to count as an active period.

So start working smart as well as hard towards your goals, by tracking the figure that'll never fail you.

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Image Source: Fitbit