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Why You Should Work Out on Your Lunch Break

Get Your Midday Sweat On: Reasons You Should Work Out During Your Lunch Break

It can feel hard enough to squeeze in a morning or evening workout on a normal day. You have a million things on your plate and there's usually some kind of excuse that hinders you from getting your sweat on. That's why you might benefit from fitting in a workout during your lunch break. It sounds impossible at first, especially when you think about the logistics of showering off and getting some food before you head back to the office, but it can definitely be done — and it's totally worth it.

We already know the many benefits of working out — better sleep cycle, more energy, and sharper brain function — so why can't we tap into these positive effects in the middle of the day? Here are a few reasons you should consider heading to the gym on your lunch break.

You'll Perform Better at Work

When you have endorphins coursing through your body, you think quicker and smarter, and you're better at problem solving. Sneak away for a quick workout during lunch and you'll probably come back to the office even more prepared than you were in the morning. Meetings will go by quicker and you might see a boost of creativity for that project you were working on.

You'll Have More Energy

If you choose the right kind of workout that won't leave you in a pile of exhaustion on the floor, exercising in the middle of the day can give you a boost of energy that will swiftly carry you through the rest of your day. You might be more inclined to cook a healthy dinner, go out with your friends, or run all those errands that you've been procrastinating on.

You'll Experience Less Chronic Pain

It's common to experience back or neck pain if you work in an office for eight hours a day. It's a great idea to take off for a workout during lunch because that movement will lubricate your joints and comfort your spine. Even better if you can make it to a yoga or Pilates class. Sitting back down at your desk won't be a problem at all.

You'll Probably Make Better Choices in Your Diet For the Rest of the Day

Studies show that working out can positively affect the hormones that regulate your hunger, which means you're more likely to only want food when your body really needs it. This sets you up to make good choices in your diet for the rest of the day, whether it's a healthy afternoon snack or a home-cooked dinner.

You Won't Have to Go in the Evening

Last but not least, if you go to the gym midday, you won't have to go later on, which frees up time to do whatever it is you love most. You could take a photography class, invite your friends over for dinner, or just catch up on your latest Netflix shows. It's all about striking a healthy balance between work, fitness, and our personal life.

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