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Why You Shouldn't Eat Raisins For Weight Loss

This Photo Shows the Easy Calorie Swap You Should Make to Cut Back on Sugar

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Dried fruit seems like a healthy snack — after all, it's fruit, it's all-natural, and it makes for an easy topper to yoghurt and salads. But this photo from personal trainer Max Weber, NASM, ACE (@maxweberfit), shows why dried fruit may actually be impeding your weight-loss efforts.

One ounce of raisins, about the size of a mini box, is approximately 85 calories and nearly 19 grams of sugar with only one gram of fibre. And if you've ever eaten a serving of raisins, you know it's not exactly satisfying. Dried fruit is removed of all the water that makes it a satiating snack, leaving you with little more than natural sugars instead.

Fresh fruit, on the other hand, contains filling fibre and has more water per serving to help keep you satisfied — eight ounces of strawberries is just 72 calories, 11 grams of sugar, and 4.5 grams of fibre. Not only do the strawberries have less sugar and fewer calories, but you get way more bang for your buck in terms of volume.

"The food choices you make, and the portion sizes you elect will largely dictate your progress on your fitness goals," Max wrote in his caption. "And in this case, you can see how much the choices you make dictate how much or how little food you get at any given meal or snack. Keep these little things in mind on your fitness journey, and make the 'better' choice. Whatever that may be for you, given your goals, your cravings, and your values."

If you're looking to lose weight, you may be better off swapping dried fruit for the real deal. And if you do want to splurge on raisins or other dried fruit, be mindful of the serving size and how they fit into your overall daily calorie and macro goals.

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