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Woman's Post About BBG Transformation and Self-Love

After a Killer BBG Transformation, This Woman Is Reflecting on 1 Important Lesson

After nearly one year of following Kayla Itsines's famous Bikini Body Guide program, one woman is reflecting on her journey and teaching others a much-needed lesson about self-acceptance. Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with the number on your bathroom scales.

As of April 4, Lexie Woodmansee has been on the BBG grind for an impressive 43 weeks and has made quite the transformation. But in a recent Instagram post that documented her weight loss and fitness journey in a side-by-side comparison, the 29-year-old wife and mother decided to focus on the changes that have happened within during the process so far. "I had to learn self love," she admitted in the photo's caption. "I stopped hating myself for everything that I wasn't, I focused on my inner beauty and loving myself for everything that I already was."

But this wasn't necessarily a quick and easy goal to accomplish, and she had to be proactive in order to get there. "I stopped comparing myself to others and started filling my mind with positive thoughts and slowly my life began to change," Lexie wrote. The BBG advocate went on to say that this has been "the biggest and most rewarding transformation" of her life thus far, and yet it doesn't pertain to the size of her jeans or how much she weighs. "Don't get me wrong . . . physical changes are amazing but if your headspace is filled with negative self talk, poor body image, and you are constantly comparing yourself to others you need to start focusing on the health of your mind," she explained.

Well said, Lexie! So what do you choose? Will you let you thoughts enslave or empower you? We know our answer!

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