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This Woman Proves Ditching Fizzy Drinks Can Lead to Dramatic Weight Loss

Most of us drink a can of Coke on occasion, if any at all, and know the health repercussions from consuming this sweet, bubbly drink aren't that great. One of the side effects of continuously drinking fizzy drinks? Possible weight gain.

One woman, who drank four litres of Coca-Cola a day, proved this when she gave up the soda and saw her weight go from 245 pounds to 126 pounds. "It's literally completely changed my life losing this weight — I can do so much more now and I've completely given up Coke," Sarah Turner told the Daily Mirror.

Sarah, however, isn't the first person to cut soft drinks from their life in an effort to lose weight. Khloé Kardashian credits her recent weight-loss success in part because she completely cut soda out of her diet. In an interview, the star said she substitutes fizzy drinks with an iced tea or water.

It's not surprising that both women gave up sugary, fizzy drinks in order to be healthier. In a previous report, both Coke and Pepsi were found to contain chemicals linked to cancer, and drinking too much Coke (even the diet versions) can lead to hypertension and dental decay.

Although Sarah gave up Coke, she also noted she doesn't eat any fruits or vegetables, which probably isn't the best way to a healthier lifestyle in the long run. Ditching a daily fizzy drink habit, however, is a very healthy start. Ready to give up the habit too? This 28-day plan will make it much easier on you than quitting cold turkey.

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