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Woman Shares Before-and-After 15-Pound Weight Gain

This Blogger's Before-and-After Transformation Proves "Having Abs Is Not Everything"

One woman is looking back on her fitness journey and offering up a handful of reminders that everyone needs to read, regardless of their fit goals. Blogger Lucy Baker, known to her 109,000 Instagram followers as fitlifelucy, recently shared a before-and-after transformation unlike most others we see all over social media.

Her side-by-side collage showed off her weight gain rather than loss, comparing what she looked like in 2016 at 117 pounds vs. the present day, when she now weighs 132 pounds. Though currently 15 pounds heavier than before, the Australia-based blogger is happier and more confident than ever before, and she wants to spread the positivity to her followers.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Lucy listed 10 empowering reminders that are so simple yet so easily forgotten when one gets caught up in regimented eating schedules and workouts, from ignoring the scale to not comparing yourself to other people. Read her essential messages below.

  1. Stop worrying what others think of you
  2. Having abs is not everything
  3. You don't need to diet, cut carbs, go on juice cleanses or eat boring food to be healthy
  4. Weights will not make you bulky (protein also won't make you bulky)
  5. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone — exercise to make YOU happy
  6. You don't need to excessively exercise every day to be 'fit'
  7. You are beautiful whatever size or shape you are
  8. Don't compare yourself to others — everyone makes progress in different ways and at different times
  9. You can reach your goals by eating MORE food.. yes really
  10. Your weight DOES NOT matter!!

Can we get an "amen"?! We couldn't have possibly said these better ourselves.

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