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Woman Thanks Fitness Community For Weight Loss | Instagram

This 2-Year Transformation Will Make You Want to "Be Vulnerable" Too

If you've been trying to lose weight on your own, keeping it a secret, and not being successful, you'll totally relate to this before and after. Fenella Scarlett McCall says "I'd spent my 20s running and hiding from myself and the world. I'd spent my whole life looking for peace and acceptance."

She started the BBG program, but kept her account private because she says she was too "ashamed to share myself with the world. I was SO UNFIT and unhealthy." But then she decided to make a change. "I decided to be vulnerable and open. This online community has loved me back to life (recovery speak 😉😜)." If you've been struggling with your weight and your happiness, finding a fitness community could give you the support you need to finally reach your goals.

Fenella says, "What I have today — regardless of weight, appearance, and looks, is a sense of PRIDE 🦁💃 I walk around and FEEL good in my skin. This journey to fitness isn't JUST about physical. In fact, it's helped me become mentally fit and even spiritually fit..." Besides getting involved with other people on their own journey, she says, "So... I guess my message is... Get up and MOVE 💃👊🏋️‍♀️ It can actually CHANGE your life ❤️❤️"

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