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Worst Beginner Running Mistake

The Biggest Mistake New Runners Make

Although simple in theory, running can be a difficult sport to pick up, especially if you don't know what you're doing (but it's so worth it!). Don't worry — we've all been in those (new running) shoes, and we can definitely relate.

We talked to ultramarathoner and running coach Robin Arzon about hew new book, Shut Up and Run, and the number one mistake new runners make; her answer actually made us laugh out loud. The mistake? "Buying too much sh*t!"

We reflected back on our own early days of running, recalling bedrooms full of big orange Nike bags, new shelves dedicated to shoes and dresser drawers designated for a new active wardrobe, so trust us — we've been there too.

Robin's sage advice? "All you really need is a good pair of well-fitting running shoes, a sports bra, and the will to get out the door."

Running is free — no gym membership required, no class fees — but the price of countless new trainers, tights, chafe balm, belts, phone cases, headphones, and more can totally add up [Editor's note: I literally bought a lightweight ombré peach vest in a flurry of excitement; it has been worn a total of one time].

"I understand there's a commercial industry around running, and there's a lot of great stuff," she said (she noted that she herself loves her Adidas Ultraboosts). We also totally understand how much a sweet new pair of kicks can motivate you to get going. But Robin reminded us to keep it simple; you've got a long road ahead of you and plenty of years to stock up on your new favourites.

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