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16 Best YouTube Workouts, Picked by a Fitness Editor

I'm a Fitness Editor, and I Recommend These 16 YouTube Workouts to Everyone I Know

16 Best YouTube Workouts, Picked by a Fitness Editor
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YouTube workouts and I, we go wayyy back. Back before I fell in love with the gym and various fitness apps, I went to YouTube for workouts I could do outside, in my garage, or even in my room at university: mostly bodyweight routines that left me feeling sweaty, satisfied, and filled with endorphins. YouTube workouts are a great solution when you're short on cash or a total beginner trying to figure out how to get fit. I found some of my favorite trainers on YouTube — including Class Fitsugar trainers Jake DuPree and Raneir Pollard — all of whom taught me about the importance of engaging my core, putting max effort into every rep, and taking breaks when I need. I come back to some of these workouts from time to time and am amazed at how challenging they still are. Just goes to show that you can work out for years and still not be able to do a minute of burpees without collapsing.

In my years of YouTube-ing my fitness routine, I compiled a playlist of my ultimate favourite YouTube workouts, from full-body cardio to HIIT to ab burners. These are the routines that get me drenched time and time again but are so energising and motivating that I keep coming back for more. Ahead, check out the best YouTube workouts — in my opinion — including my all-time favourites and some new routines I love just as much. Try them for yourself; maybe they'll make your favourites list, too.

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