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The Birds Papaya Body-Positive Message About Making Memories

Body-Positive Mom Posts Photos of Cellulite: "We Aren't Here to Ornament the Sides of Pools"

Sarah Nicole Landry, known on Instagram as TheBirdsPapaya, is one of the most well-known body-positive accounts. With over 1.6 million followers, people appreciate her messages about loving and being kind to yourself, no matter what your body looks like — stretch marks, saggy skin, belly rolls, and all! She encourages us to wear what we want, to welcome our changing bodies, and in this post, to focus on making memories and enjoying life, not on worrying about what we look like.

"Let us lead our lives knowing we aren't here to ornament the sides of pools and beaches. We aren't meant to statue ourselves in one place for fear of a 'bad side,'" Landry said. She added, we're here to live, to exist, to be, and to enjoy life, and that when we do that, every side is "good." ⁣⁣

⁣Landry posted these two photos: "Pic 1: me posing," and "Pic 2: me playing with my son" with the question, "Guess which one I'll remember more?" And that's her point: enjoying the company of the people you love and making summer memories is what's important. It's what you'll look back on with fondness; the laughter, the closeness, and the warm, fuzzy feelings.

The memories are the "good" side, the living side, Landry said, and that's the side we should aim for. So put on your bathing suit, grab your sunscreen and your favourite people, and go enjoy yourself!

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