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Brie Larson Holds a Pull-Up With a Weighted Chain

Brie Larson Held a Pull-Up With a *Weighted Chain,* and I Think My Shoulders Just Gave Out

Remember when Brie Larson just casually held a pull-up for one entire minute? Well, Larson and her trainer Jason Walsh decided that wasn't quite intense enough and upped the ante again in a clip the Captain Marvel star shared on Instagram today. This time, Larson jumps up into a pull-up position, bends her knees towards her chest, and places a weighted chain across her legs to add extra weight. As Walsh says, as he's piling the chains onto her lap: "Why not?" (I mean, I can think of several reasons.)

That's not even the toughest part. No, that would be when Walsh tells Larson to lower down in increments, first dropping so her arms are at 90-degree angles, then down a little bit more, then straightening her legs to drop the chains, before dropping back to the floor. You can even see Larson's arms shaking as she tries to stabilise on the bar. "Not so bad!" Walsh says at the end. Yeah, OK, speak for yourself, because my arms were shaking just watching! I'm with Tracee Ellis Ross, who said Larson is "unreal" in the comments section of the post. Yep, that about sums it up. Check out the Larson's arm-burning variation above, and if you're inspired to start holding some pull-ups of your own, here are a few beginner exercises to get you there, no weighted chains involved.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz
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