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England's Mary Earps: "I Don’t Like to Lose"

Mary Earps: " I Play to Win, I Play Hard. I Don’t Like to Lose”

Image Source: Sky Sports Editions

Mary Earps is on fire. The England and Manchester United goalkeeper was awarded with a MBE for her services to football and won the women's FA Cup alongside her team within the same week last week. All in a day's work for Earps. The list of achievements for the 31-year-old is impressive; she's a European champion, World Cup finalist and two-time winner of the FIFA Best Women's Goalkeeper award.

Now, in an interview with Sky Sports Editions — a YouTube content series spotlighting female athletes — Earps has opened up on everything from fashion to her on-pitch patter. Despite all the wins, the fire in her belly still remains, says Earps: "I'm very competitive, I play to win, I play hard. I don't like to lose." Her career total of 56 saves is a Women's Super League record and has earned her another nickname, "Mary Queen of Stops". But what does she think of it? "I don't know if that came from the Euros or the World Cup, I'm not really sure. But it's not the worst thing I've been called so I'll definitely take it," she reveals.

On the cover of Sky Sports Editions, fans have the chance to see Mary can be seen in a whole new light. But while she's experimenting with fashion, she says it's still a learning curve. "I don't really see myself as being in the fashion world, I don't see myself as being stylish in any which way," she says. "I just wear what I like and it might not be what my teammates in the dressing room think is cool but it's what I like and it's kind of the rules that I try and play by."

Image Source: Sky Sports Editions

She adds that if she could steal a fellow Lionesses' wardrobe it would be either Leah Williamson, Alessia's Russo or Ellie Roebuck's. She tells the publication: "They're the ones, they're the stylish ones, they're the guru's. We are not worthy. They wouldn't come to me for style tips, none of them would, but what you see is what you get."

This strong mindset doesn't just apply to fashion and football, but also in the way she carries herself in her everyday life. "It's important to be yourself all the time," Earps says. "I think I pride myself on being a bit of a goofball but I'm just kind of a normal person who's just trying to see how far she can go in her career and just tries to be authentically herself."

The intensity and passion Earps has for the football can be seen all over her face on the pitch and if there was a hidden microphone on her during those intense moments, she reveals that it would make colourful listening. "A lot of profanity I think," the goalkeeper admits. "I'm just super passionate and a few of the girls have said to me that when we're playing small-sided games, they'll just listen to the stuff that comes out my mouth because its just random and kind of unfiltered. Its exactly what I'm thinking. I'm very competitive."

Despite having this intensity on the pitch, when she's off the pitch, Earps tries to let loose and uses social media to show her silly side. "When I was growing up I used to be constantly on and super intense. It was harder then to have that separation from my football. It actually helped me to be able to have that switch-off time and just be me. It's a way I can interact with the fans, it's a way the fans can get to know me a little bit. On the pitch I'm super intense, super serious. I want to be the best, I want to win every game but then on the flip side, off the pitch, I don't like to take life too seriously. I want to enjoy what I do and laugh while doing it."

Image Source: Sky Sports Editions

However, when you reveal more of yourself in the public eye it also comes with the need to set some boundaries - and Earps is still trying to get this balance right. The goalkeeper admits: "I think the last couple of years the profile of the game has changed a lot and now [after the Euro's win] I feel like I have an even bigger responsibility to give back and spend more time with the fans and maybe do things for the game that aren't necessarily benefitting me, they're benefitting a future generation."

Episode seven of Sky Sports Editions is available to watch on Sky Sports YouTube.

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