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What to Pack in Your Gym Bag Post Coronavirus Lockdown

11 Fitness Essentials You'll Want to Pack in Your Bag Now That Gyms Have Reopened

What to Pack in Your Gym Bag Post Coronavirus Lockdown
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Thanks to Joe Wicks and the shift of our favourite gyms and studios to providing digital sessions on Zoom, much of the nation discovered a newfound love of exercising during lockdown. Even if you were a regular gym-goer before COVID 19 hit and want to wave goodbye to home workouts in favour of group exercise classes and gym time, things are looking very different now inside our beloved gyms and studios. There are the obvious temperature checks on arrival, hand=sanitiser stations galore, floor markings to dictate the direction of travel, and no hands-on modifications from instructors. But also gone are the days when all you had to worry about was packing your bulging cosmetics bag of lotions and potions. Since reopening as lockdown restrictions ease, the health and safety of both members and staff is the highest priority inside fitness locations around the country, and gyms and studios are taking a less-is-more approach in regards to what they offer to customers in terms of equipment and amenities.

As gyms and studios open in the UK, studios are urging you to spend the least amount of time inside their changing facilities as possible, with many studios removing all electrical styling equipment and toiletries, or some even closing changing rooms completely, which means you should prepare for any post-gym hair washing at home or bring a mini hair travel kit with you. Opt for some easy-to-pull-on loungewear if you would rather not wear your sweaty spin kit home. There won't be any communal water fountains in use at any studios or gyms, and a limited supply of plastic water bottles for sale, so make sure you invest in a good-quality, reusable water bottle in an eye-catching design. That way, you won't forget to pick it up as you rush out the door. For any type of yoga class in a gym or studio, it is highly recommended that you bring your own yoga mat.

Boutique studios like Barry's Bootcamp request that all customers wear a protective face mask before entering its famous red room and in the reception area, but don't go for one of those ill-fitting versions. There are so many stylish options available now from a host of brands.

Obsessed with Reformer Pilates? For hygeine reasons, pack a pair of grippy barre socks instead of training barefoot. Finally, your favourite travel-sized perfume has been replaced by 2020's must-have accessory: a bottle of hand sanitiser.

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