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How Dieting Causes Stress

If Dieting Makes You Feel Anxious, Distracted, Stressed, or Depressed, Experts Explain Why

How Dieting Causes Stress
Image Source: Getty / Martin Novak

"I'll be happier if I can just lose weight." Does this thought sound familiar? Diet culture tells us that we have to look a certain way to be deemed as beautiful or worthy, and it drives many women (and men too!) to diet. We try all kinds of diets — many extreme and unhealthy — all in pursuit of this "perfect" image that the media has drilled into our heads.

We cut calories, carbs, sugar, grains, processed food, and cross our fingers when we hop on the scale, hoping to see the number drop. And when we don't, we blame ourselves, which only forces us to diet longer or harder. I know women who've been dieting for over 20 years! But dieting can lead to terrible emotional and physical stress, which can then put our well-being at risk. Here are the ways that dieting stress can rob you of your health.

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