This Is the Best Exercise For Strengthening the Upper Back, Shoulders, and Core

POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar
POPSUGAR Photography | Jenny Sugar

While watching my CrossFit coach, Dani Jenny — 7x CrossFit Games Athlete and cofounder of Champlain Valley CrossFit — effortlessly walk across the gym on her hands, I had to ask, "How can I learn to do that?" I can hold a handstand, but walking is a whole other beast! She grabbed a box and showed me how to do these lateral walks.

Doing L-stands against a wall has always been one of my favourite arm-strengthening exercises, but walking around a box makes this move even more challenging (and fun!). You'll not only work your arms, shoulders, and upper back, but holding your hips over your shoulders will also strengthen your core. These are all the muscles you'll need to walk on your hands!

As for box size, this is a 20-inch box, but you can use one that's shorter to make it easier or taller to make it harder.

Lateral Handstand Walk Using a Box

Equipment needed: box

  • Place your hands on the floor in front of a box. Step both feet on top of the box so your hips are over your shoulders and you're in an upside down "L" shape.
  • Step your left hand a few inches to the left, then your right, and continue walking around the box, keeping the toes resting on top of the box.
  • Stand up and take a break if you need to or walk around the box in the other direction.
  • This counts as one rep.