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How to Turn Your Shower Into a Spa Experience

This Is the $11 Eucalyptus Essential Oil I Use to Transform My Bathroom Into a Spa

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I've never been a spa-day type of girl, mostly because the thought of dropping hundreds of dollars on a "self-care" day seems absurd to me — but I digress. I will say that I do enjoy the concept of saunas and steam rooms, but they also skeeve me out because all I can think about is the germs.

Over the past few months, I've been obsessed with my diffuser and the aromatherapy vibes I've been creating in my apartment. I recently purchased the Vitruvi Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil ($11) after reading that people add eucalyptus oil to their showers for extreme relaxation.

This seems so obvious, but because I never thought to do it until a few weeks ago, I have to share it with you all. To turn your shower/bath experience into a mini spa, all you need to do is add around 10 drops of your favourite eucalyptus essential oil to a hot shower. The steamier the shower, the better, in my opinion. Keep in mind: the more essential oil you use, the more intense the experience will be, so start off with a modest amount.

Within seconds, your shower experience will begin to transform and you'll begin feeling more relaxed. Adding eucalyptus oil to my showers has been a game changer — and has saved me a bunch of money — and helps me feel like I have more mental clarity, in addition to feeling more calm and relaxed. If you feel like you need a mental escape or just need to breathe deeper, try it out.

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How to Turn Your Shower Into a Spa Experience
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