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Peloton Instructor Jess Sims’s Must-Have Products

Jess Sims's Must Haves: Portable Red-Light Therapy and a Camera-Ready Fenty Beauty Gloss

Peloton Instructor Jess Sims’s Must-Have Products
Image Sources: Courtesy of Jess Sims and Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

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Jess Sims is on a lot of screens these days. The veteran Peloton instructor is still teaching all your favourite workouts — including her beloved Saturday 60 bootcamp — but she's also added two new-ish gigs: as an ongoing contributor for "Good Morning America" and as an on-air host for ESPN's "College GameDay."

"Both shows have, honestly, helped me in different ways, in terms of being a better reporter and having conversations about lots of different things — while not working out, of course," Sims tells POPSUGAR. "I've played sports my whole life and I love football, so that was a really nice connection."

As part of the broadcast crew for "GameDay" — ESPN's pregame show for college football — she's flying across the country every week. "I'm travelling the country in a way I never would have otherwise. I get to meet the equipment directors and strength coaches and nutritionists and back-of-house staff and just hear what makes their team so great . . . And I also get to celebrate the fans. Because without the fans, the games would be quite boring."

And the fans aren't just showing up for their teams; they're showing up for Sims. Her Instagram is filled with snapshots of funny signs and interactions from Peloton members who get to watch as their love for a local college team and their favourite Peloton instructor collide.

Juggling all of these gigs is certainly a challenge, but if anyone can do it — and with an immense amount of gratitude — it's Sims, whose Peloton tagline is "You don't have to. You get to."

"It's wild, it's hectic, it's chaotic, but it's also a once-in-a-lifetime experience," she says — and she's totally pulling it off. How? Here are the products helping her sleep well, stay hydrated, and get through all those busy travel days, without a thing out of place.

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