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Kelsey Wells's 15-Minute Bodyweight Ab Blast Workout

Kelsey Wells Is Teaching You How to Get a Stronger Core With This Equipment-Free Ab Workout

Kelsey Wells's 15-Minute Bodyweight Ab Blast Workout
Image Source: SWEAT App

Quick, equipment-free workouts make training a lot easier, especially if you're struggling to figure out how to put together a workout or stay consistent. If you're looking for an ab-centric workout, you've got to try this 15-minute bodyweight ab blast from NASM-certified and SWEAT app trainer Kelsey Wells.

This 15-minute workout was inspired by Wells's new PWR At Home 3.0 program and includes a variety of core exercises that will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. "Having a strong core can help improve every aspect of your training as well as your day-to-day life," Wells told POPSUGAR. A strong core can also help you activate the proper muscles in your body instead of overusing certain muscles, and it can help you move properly when you're training with weights. If you're ready to work on your core strength, grab a yoga mat and keep reading!

Kelsey Wells's 15-Minute Ab Blast Workout

Equipment needed: Yoga mat
Directions: Complete three rounds of the superset, taking little to no rest in between each exercise and set before moving on to the circuit. Take one minute of rest after the third superset. Complete each exercise in the circuit for 50 seconds, repeating for a total of three rounds. Take one minute of rest in between each round.

"Remember to focus on movement quality and maintaining a strong position even while you fatigue," Wells said. Be sure to cool down with three to five minutes of walking to lower your heart rate. Wells also recommends doing a few static stretches to lengthen your muscles, increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

  • Superset 1, exercise 1: In and out plank: 12 reps
  • Superset 1, exercise 2: Dead bug: 24 reps

Complete three rounds of the superset, then take one minute of rest before starting the following circuit.

  • Circuit 1, exercise 1: Scissor: 50 seconds
  • Circuit 1, exercise 2: Bent-leg jackknife: 50 seconds
  • Circuit 1, exercise 3: Straight-leg Pilates hundreds: 50 seconds
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