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We Tried the Lagree Microformer At-Home Reformer - Review

We Reviewed the Lagree Mini Reformer, the At-Home Pilates Reformer All Over Instagram

Image Source: Kirsty Welsh

If, like me, you have a real passion for reformer Pilates but don't quite have the bank balance to attend studio classes on a regular basis, celebrity-favourite reformer brand Lagree may have the answer. For an affordable way to get your reformer fix at home, you can rent one of the brand's mini reformer machines for £59 per month.

I tried hours of mat-based Pilates at home, but the classes weren't quite cutting it. I know what you're thinking, but trust me, I tried everything from classic to pre- and postnatal classes, and you just don't get that reformer-machine burn on the mat. I considered travelling to the studio, but the nearest was a 15-minute drive away, and I worried about booking fixed classes with a baby who has an unpredictable nap schedule.

I started scrolling Instagram to see if there was an affordable reformer machine to match my workout needs. Thankfully, I stumbled across the Lagree mini reformer. The name instantly rang a bell as I remembered that Meghan Markle was a fan of Lagree UK, so without hesitation, I clicked on the option to rent.


Image Source: Lagree UK

Living in the suburbs and having a little more room than your average London flat, I transformed the spare bedroom into my home studio, where I could easily slot the mini reformer under the bed when someone came to stay. During the pandemic, I collected quite a lot of gym accessories to keep myself fit (and sane), so I didn't want something too bulky that would take over the house, especially with a 7-month-old baby and a 4-year-old — toys and prams already clutter the place.

Roll on six months of planks, elevator lunges, skaters, you name it, and I can safely say I am an at-home Lagree fanatic and have already extended my membership. Keep reading to find out why I can't get enough of the mini reformer.

1. The Lagree Mini Reformer Comes With Amazing Classes

There are classes to accompany the Lagree UK reformer subscription on the Lagreeing At Home online platform. Here, you can access 400-plus on-demand videos and new live classes every day, ranging from 10-minute core blasts to 60-minute full-body options with classes tailored to beginners or advanced levels (depending on your preference) and a host of top instructors.

When it first arrived, I'll admit, the machine was quite daunting, but among the online classes, I found a mini reformer beginner's demo, which I highly recommend everyone watch to really get to know the machine. My one recommendation? That Lagree launch an app-based version of the online classes as soon as possible!

2. The Lagree Mini Reformer Won't Cost You a Fortune

The monthly instalments made the cost more manageable, starting from £59 a month for a standard reformer model and from £75 a month for the fully loaded reformer — the longer you commit to renting the machine, the cheaper the monthly cost. I certainly have gotten my money's worth out of this mini reformer, using it five times a week. Even if one of those days is just for a quick 10-minute arms blast, I've saved hundreds of pounds over a month, plus the petrol and parking costs associated with visiting a studio.

You can sign up for a Lagree rental on the company's website

3. The Lagree Mini Reformer Is Compact

The mini reformer comes in at around 50 pounds versus studio beds, which are around 300 pounds and HUGE, which explains why full-size reformer beds have never really taken off at home (not to mention the hefty price tag). Lagree's mini reformer, on the other hand, is compact and easy to hide and has wheels that allow you to slot it nicely under a bed, TV consul, or dinner table.

Image Source: Kirsty Welsh

4. The Lagree Mini Reformer Is Versatile

Like a traditional reformer machine, the mini reformer is based on the same colour-coded spring principal, but everything is a little bit different the Lagree way. The slower you go, the more challenging it is for your body.

Whether you want to sweat it out with a full-body sculpting session or use the machine to stretch, there are so many ways to work out — plus, you can customise your machine with added extras like back handlebars, foot straps, back platform, and micro cable straps depending on your fitness preference.

For me, the areas that I couldn't quite define after having my second baby (around my hips and upper arms being my two main concerns) are looking more toned and less wobbly. Not only that, I feel stronger and my posture has improved so much with the added stretch moves.

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