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Neon Fitness Gear

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Tangle Teezer

Colours can be more powerful than you think — especially when it comes to fitness and wellness. We've partnered with Tangle Teezer to introduce you to three vibrant, game-changing shades.

If you've ever taken a basic psych class, you might be familiar with the term colour psychology. Put simply, it studies how different hues affect human behavior: emotions, reactions, moods, and more. Reds, for example, can trigger energy and excitement, while blues signify calmness and trust. Whether it seems obvious or not, this same concept can be applied to your workouts, boosting your motivation and energy levels in major ways. Enter neon colours — some of the hottest (not to mention, brightest) trends in the fashion, fitness, and beauty worlds right now. Ahead, we're sharing three electric hues that'll inject vibrance into your daily workouts — literally and figuratively.