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Push-Ups Off Your Knees Booty Band Hack From a Trainer

Can't Do Push-Ups Off of Your Knees? Try This Trainer's Hack Using a Booty Band


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Push-ups are hard — they require you to build core and upper-body strength after all — and while there are plenty of moves you can do to master a full push-up, NASM-certified personal trainer and certified functional strength coach Kara Lennon has a simple hack to help you do the exercise on your toes as opposed to your knees. All you need is a booty band.

In the TikTok above, Lennon directs you to place a booty band around your arms (above your elbows), and then perform a push-up from your toes. She explained in the comments section that the resistance of the band assists your chest back up and helps relieve some of the weight from your core. Additionally, she suggested starting with a heavy resistance and working your way to a lighter one. The idea is to progress to doing push-ups without the band and to increase your reps as you use a lighter resistance.

If you still can't perform a push-up off of your knees with this hack, Lennon also advised pairing the hack with incline push-ups and placing your hands on a bed, stair, or couch. While you can buy these bands on Amazon, Sling Shot makes bands specifically to assist with push-ups.

With your shoulders over your wrists, have your arms in a letter "A" shape, which Lennon said in a follow-up video is the best way to do basic push-ups when you're in the learning process. Screw your hands into the floor to fire up your lat muscles, and make sure you are engageing your core. You can do that by squeezing something between your knees. Good luck, and keep practicing!

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