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TikTok Workout Here to Remind You That Your Ex Ain't Sh*t

This "Ex Destroyer" TikTok Workout Will Leave You Breathless Like Your Ex Never Could


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ISSA-certified personal trainer Jay Banks took to TikTok offering up a workout made of six fiery moves reminding us that our exes "didn't deserve" us. Most of Banks's moves are bodyweight exercises — with the exception of "ram his a** with a chair" — so they can be done whenever you'd like to let off some steam or are trying to stop yourself from texting your ex. I did only one set of each of these workouts, and to my surprise it takes a lot of core stability to hold my middle fingers steady for the "f*** him lunges."

While this workout is dedicated to "Queens," know that Monarchs of all identities can take part in this stress-relieving sweaty workout. No matter what your relationship status is, you can use these six moves to remind yourself that your ex(es) ain't sh*t. Check out Banks's video above to see the how each move is done and screenshot the chart below so you always have this workout ready for whenever your ex tries to slide in your DMs.

Ex-Destroyer Workout

F**** Him Lunges 15 4
Text His Best Friend Sit Ups 15 4
D*ck Punch Uppercut 20 4
B**** Slap Burpee 10 4
Dance On His Grave AMRAP (30 seconds) 4
Ram His A** With The Chair 15 4

Image Source: Pexels / Julia Larson
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