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2-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Mousse

We Found a 2-Ingredient Vegan Mousse Recipe That's Sweet and Simple


10/10 would recommend, all you need is chocolate & water 🀯🍫 and then boom! chocolate mousse

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Have you ever snuggled up on your couch after a long day to watch your favourite Netflix series only to get hit with an insatiable need for a nighttime snack? Maybe you are dreaming of something salty, like these low-carb chips, or maybe you want something a little sweeter β€” like chocolate mousse.

Chocolate mousse is one of those decadent desserts that I have always been too intimidated to whip up myself, because it just seems like it would be too complicated β€” until I came across this chocolate mousse recipe on TikTok by user @audreysaurus. Using just two easy-to-find ingredients β€” dark chocolate and water β€” and little to no prep time, you can have a superlight and incredibly delicious treat in just minutes. All you need to do is melt the chocolate and water together, whip it up while it is in an ice bath, put it into individual serving sized containers, and then refrigerate until firm. Pretty soon, you'll have a dessert that only tastes like it took you hours to make!