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Asda Christmas Dinner Pizza

Thanks to Asda, the Christmas Dinner Pizza Is Now a Thing

Asda is taking your conventional Christmas and turning it on it's head. First, the supermarket giant decided to booze up this year's mince pies, making them ID-worthy. Now, they've taken your Christmas dinner and planted it on a pizza. If you like to keep your Christmas festivities traditional, you might want to halt here.

Say farewell to the once-plated roast potatoes, sprouts, chicken, and cranberry, their new vehicle is a crispy Italian base (topped with cheese, natch). The pizza, already causing a storm on social media, is set to launch on 7. Dec and will set you back just £2.60 for a 10in or £4 for a 14in. The online response has been predictably, varied:

I have to say, I'm not a Scrooge about this. In fact, I'll take 4. Don't @ me.

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