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Double Decker Spread Is Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

I am a bit addicted to Cadbury Double Deckers. When I left a previous job, my colleagues put together a package of items that reminded them of me, and one of them was literally just a Double Decker. When House of Holland teamed up with Cadbury to make retro t-shirts, I ordered the Double Decker one immediately (I then wore it to a festival and got more compliments on my outfit than I'd ever had before). There's just something about that rich, sweet, crispy, nougat-y treat that I'm powerless to resist. It is hands down my favourite chocolate (sorry, Creme Eggs, but you're not here for me all year round).

If you're a fellow Double Decker addict, rejoice, because the clever folks at Cadbury have done something truly magical and turned it into a spread. You can now have Double Decker on toast, Double Decker on crumpets, or (yep, I'm going there) Double Decker on another Double Decker.

According to food sleuths @newfooduk, the swirly chocolate-nougat confection is on shelves at certain Asda stores, and it's yours for £2.50 a tub. All you need now? A very big spoon.

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