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Cadbury White Chocolate Creme Eggs

Cadbury's Launched White Chocolate Creme Eggs, but There's a Catch

Calling all Creme Egg fans: Cadbury's has finally launched a white chocolate version. Already available in stores, they have the same gooey fondant centre that we all know and love, and they might even give you the chance to win a substantial amount of cash. However . . . there's a catch. Sadly, only 350 to 400 White Creme Eggs have been created, and the little treasures will be wrapped in the usual Creme Egg foil, making them almost impossible to track down.

That being said, hunting them down might be worth your time. According to Cadbury, every white egg is worth at least £100, while 33 are worth £1,000, and one is worth £2,000. If you do find one, all you'll need to to is call the number that appears on the foil or post the wrapping, and the beloved brand will let you know how much you've won. Needless to say, the news made a lot of Creme Egg fans excited, with some not even caring about the money. Read on to discover some of the best reactions to what might well be the very best news of 2018.

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