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Doughnut Time Launches in the UK 2017

Holy Sprinkles, Australia's Beloved Doughnut Time Is Coming to Britain!

It's official: Greenwich Mean Time just became doughnut time. Beloved Australian doughnut store Doughnut Time is making its way across the globe to London's Shaftesbury Avenue and is planning to expand nationwide in 2018. The brand, whose first store will open in October, offers a range of "signature sunshine-soaked" bakes with pop-culture-inspired toppings including "Donutella Versace", "Flaky AF", and "Mint Eastwood". Premium doughnuts will start at £4 and are available in boxes of one, four, and six, perfect for toasting over with frosting-fingered friends. Vegans, don't feel shortchanged, either. Following Ben & Jerry's latest foray into dairy-free ice cream, Doughnut Time offers gluten-free and vegan options too.

The Shaftesbury Avenue store will mimic its Aussie sisters in appearance, demonstrating the brand's iconic retro style complete with mint green branding and neon lights. Shortly after the store's opening, the "Doughnut Time Academy" will launch upstairs, teaching fans how to glaze and customise their very own artisan-quality doughnuts. To mark the opening, the brand is offering a bespoke British menu featuring "Love Actually" and "Shawty It's Sherbert Day" doughnuts with the menu being topped up on weekly basis. A little taste of what you can expect? Comin' right up!

A post shared by DOUGHNUT TIME (@doughnut_time) on

A post shared by DOUGHNUT TIME (@doughnut_time) on

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