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Dunkin Donuts Donut Fries

Donut Fries Are Currently Being Tested at Dunkin' Donuts — We Repeat: Donut Fries

Dunkin' Donuts is up to something sneaky. For at least a few weeks now, the chain has reportedly been testing out a new snack menu that includes pretzel bites, chicken tenders, and — most importantly — donut fries covered in cinnamon sugar. Though Dunkin' Donuts has since confirmed the news, the hybrid dessert was largely brought to light by a Reddit user who spotted it in Boston.

So, what's the deal? When will these bad boys be widely available? As of right now, only a small number of locations in Boston are offering items from the snack menu on a trial run. If and when Dunkin' Donuts receives positive feedback from franchise owners and costumers, then the snacks might become available nationwide for $2 each. One teeny suggestion, Dunkin': throw us a few dipping sauces while you're at it — just saying.