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Elote Hot Dog at Disneyland

There's an Elote Hot Dog at Disneyland and the Reviews Are . . . Mixed

We rarely meet a buzzy new food item from Disney that we don't like. Chances are, we have at least 10 Disney snacks or meals stored in our Instagram "saved" folder at all times. So when we recently scrolled past a seriously good lookin' hot dog posted by Disneyland-goers magicbymuses, we obviously had to stop and stare. The giant Elote Dog is covered in Mexican street corn, mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder, and a lime for garnish. Judging by the looks of it, this thing requires lots of preparation (i.e. plenty of napkins and utensils) and potentially another human to help you finish it.

Available at the Refreshment Corner in Disneyland, the Elote Dog Combo will cost you $11 and for that price, you'll be happy to hear that you also get a bag of chips. But before you go running off into the magical Disney sunset with the dog, know that the reviews are, well, pretty mixed. "It was so salty we couldn't even finish it," Disney food reviewer @dolewhipdollies_ wrote on Instagram. Another user, @disneylandnewstoday, said, "We've read several less than thrilling reviews about this specialty item, but we actually enjoyed it! Everyone has different tastes, so don't be discouraged if this looks good to you."

Check out some more reviews ahead from those who have tasted the Elote Dog in real life and documented their experience for the 'gram. Who knows — it might just be your new go-to snack, and if not, it makes for one seriously drool-worthy photo.