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Free Fries from Deliveroo

Friday Really Is Fry-Day, Because Deliveroo's Giving Away Free Chips!

Are you a bit of a chip-a-holic? Can't wait for an excuse to use the Fry-Day icon on Instagram stories? Well, it's time to get excited, because Deliveroo is offering everyone the chance to snag some free fries. Yep, you heard correctly. Delicious, fluffy-centred, fried-potato goodness for zero pence!

The food delivery service is teaming up with a whole host of restaurants around the country to offer free fries with any main dish ordered on Fridays. The offer is valid on orders placed between noon and midnight on Friday 18 Aug., and over 150 restaurants are taking part in the nationwide giveaway.

To get your freebie, download the Deliveroo app and click on the 'Free Fries Fry-Day' restaurant tag. Once you've chosen your meal, Deliveroo will give you the option of receiving a portion of free fries. Need a bit of extra inspiration? These are the most popular fries on Deliveroo right now.

  1. Tommis Burger Joint - Fries

  2. Byron - French Fries
  3. GBK - Chunky Skin-On
  4. Dirty Burger - Crinkle Cut Fries

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  6. Five Guys - Regular Fries
  7. MEATliquor - Fries
  8. Homeburger - Home Fries
  9. BRGR Co. - Crunchy Fries

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  11. Chicken Shop - Crinkle Cut Fries
  12. Kerbisher & Malt - Homemade Fries

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Is anyone else drooling?

Image Source: Courtesy of Deliveroo