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How to Frost a Cake With Clean Edges

Watch This Mesmerising Tool Perfectly Frost a Cake in Mere Seconds

There's something so satisfying about watching someone decorate a cake, especially when the resulting masterpiece has razor-sharp edges like the pros. Think those picture-perfect edges are unattainable? Think again, because one brilliant tool is here to save the day, and it does so in the most mesmerising way possible. The god-sent gadget in the video above makes it beyond easy to flawlessly smooth out your frosting, scraping away excess sugary spread and revealing clean, smooth sides. The plastic product comes from Three Little Cakes, an award-winning cake-decorating company based in San Francisco, and it's capable of applying frosting to any cake up to eight inches in height.

If you're a perfectionist when it comes to decorating cakes, this device is a must have in your baking arsenal. Watch the captivating video above for a peek at what the genius tool is capable of. And if you're interested in trying it out yourself, the ProFroster is available for purchase online for $25 — a worthy investment, in our book. Messy edges, be gone!