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How to Menu-Hack KFC's Canadian Poutine

Menu-Hack Your Way to Canada With KFC's DIY Poutine

Canada hasn't just enriched our lives with maple syrup, Ryan Gosling, Arcade Fire, and peanut butter. It is also the home of poutine. And for those who are longing for the taste, or newbies looking to sample the Canadian classic, KFC is here to help you menu-hack your way there. The dish simply requires three sides: popcorn chicken, gravy, and fries, along with a friendly request for cheese. Once your ingredients are set, here's what you need to do:

  1. Sprinkle the fries into a Mighty Bucket for One.
  2. Add in a layer of popcorn chicken, distributing evenly onto the top layer of fries.
  3. Tear two slices of cheese into strips and place on top.
  4. To finish, pour a large portion of gravy over the poutine.
  5. Sit back, tuck in, and think of Ryan Gosling.

The hack is even popular with Canadian native and KFC franchisee Philip Popp. Vouching for the creation, he added "I've been making my KFC version of poutine for a long time now. Our team members are always getting creative with the ingredients – it just normally stays a secret behind closed doors." This is one secret we intend on getting in on!

Image Source: KFC