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KFC Friends Moist Maker Thanksgiving Sandwich

KFC Has Re-created Ross's Infamous "Moist Maker" Sandwich From Friends

Friends gave us many memorable moments and quotes, but the famous Thanksgiving episodes are up there with the greats. For many Brits, watching our favourite singletons sit down for turkey, pumpkin pie, and Rachel's "English trifle" was our first real exposure to the traditions of the all-American holiday. One particular Geller family tradition left us drooling: Ross's thanksgiving sandwich, created by his sister Monica using leftovers. It was so beloved, it had a whole episode named after it ("The One With Ross's Sandwich"). As Ross explained, the secret to success was an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the centre, which he christened "the moist maker".

Though we may not all be enjoying the full Thanksgiving feast in the UK, KFC has come up with a way to hack your way to a moist maker-laced chicken burger instead. In their words (with a nod to a certain Mr Tribbiani) "Gravy? Good. Bread? Good. Chicken? Goood."

Simply head to your nearest KFC and order a Fillet Burger, a Mini Fillet Burger, and a pot of gravy, and get creative:

  1. Remove the top bun from the Fillet Burger
  2. Pour a layer of gravy over the chicken fillet.
  3. Add the base of the Mini Fillet Burger on top of the chicken, before adding another layer of gravy.
  4. Add the mini fillet of chicken on top of the bread, before adding (you guessed it) another layer of gravy.
  5. Place the Fillet Burger bun on top of the chicken.
  6. For the ultimate satisfaction, press down on the bun to let the gravy goodness cover the whole sandwich.
  7. Et voila! Could it be any more beautiful?

Image Source: Courtesy of KFC