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Martha Stewart Cappuccino Eggs Video

Martha Stewart's Hack to Scramble Eggs in a Cappuccino Machine Has the Internet in a Frenzy

How to Make Martha Stewart's Cappuccino Eggs

Martha Stewart makes her scrambled eggs with an unexpected kitchen appliance! #Chopped > Tuesdays at 9|8c

Posted by Food Network on Monday, December 17, 2018

When it comes to cooking tips, it's safe to say we'd trust almost anything Martha Stewart recommends, but a recent scrambled eggs hack is raising a few eyebrows across the internet. Last month, Martha linked up with the Food Network, where they collaborated on a video revealing an unexpected way to steam eggs: in a cappuccino machine! We're all about fluffy, scrambled eggs, but that typically occurs on a stove top, right? Wrong! "These eggs are buttery and fluffy and light and delicious," Martha said after steaming the eggs in the coffee maker.

One POPSUGAR editor noted that she's tried eggs cooked in this unconventional way before, and they're "so so good." Martha's always taking us out of our comfort zone in the kitchen, but it looks like she learned this tip from famed chef Jody Williams when she appeared on Martha's show in November of 2011. Genius!

The comments on Food Network's video post immediately poured in questioning, "and who's going to clean the frother?????" With others joking over future random cooking hacks: "Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher," one person wrote. Would you try steaming your eggs in a cappuccino machine?