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McDonald's Giant Big Mac

Brace Yourselves: McDonald's Is Releasing a Giant Big Mac!

We've got big news (literally), so kindly stop whatever you're doing. McDonald's is releasing a Big Mac trio, including two new sizes.

As if the famous burger couldn't get any more perfect, you can now get a giant one. In celebration of the Big Mac's 50th year on this planet (God bless America), UK fans can take a trip to Maccy D's for a supersize version of the classic. Yup, that's a Big Mac with more of everything, including that famous sauce.

The trio of celebratory burgers includes the original can't-fault-it Big Mac, a new Junior Mac for those who aren't feeling quite so peckish, and the epic Giant Big Mac for those who want something extra. While it may not look as 'grammable as your local hipster burger joint, you know it tastes horribly delicious.

If you fancy going all out, you'll need to move quickly: the Grand Big Mac is only available from Feb. 7 until March 20.

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