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Pisner Beer in Denmark

This Beer Was Made With a Little Help From a Secret Ingredient: Human Urine

That overused saying "what goes around comes around" was just given a whole new (and semiquestionable) meaning. We've just been enlightened to the fact that a Danish brewery has been using actual human urine to produce its one-of-a-kind beer, which it has aptly dubbed Pisner. Welcome to 2017: the year of the sustainable hipster, I suppose.

Located in Copenhagen, Norrebro Bryghus brewery has coined the term "beercycling" to describe its process of using human urine to fertilise the fields of malting barley, rather than the usual animal waste or store-bought fertiliser. So Pisner does not, in fact, directly contain pee as a main ingredient, but we still can't help but gag a little at the thought of knowingly sipping on something that a stranger's urine helped produce.

The liquid waste collected to aid in the barley growth isn't just any ol' whiz; it's thousands of litres of pee collected at Denmark's Roskilde Music Festival in 2015, according to Beer Street Journal. So far, the folks at Norrebro Bryghus have cranked out around 60,000 bottles of Pisner for strong-stomached beer-lovers who are ballsy enough to give it a sip.

When news of this beer's existence broke on social media, many people were quick to offer up their candid reactions to the thought of drinking Pisner, which are pretty much right in line with our inner feels.