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Sainsburys Hummus Dip Recall | April 2017

Don't Look to Sainsburys For Your Hummus Fix This Week

Bad news for hummus (or houmous, if you prefer) fans: Sainsbury's has just stripped its shelves of the much-loved dip due to a flavour issue. The shortage follows a series of complaints claiming the dips have an unpleasant "metallic" taste. Sainsburys has since tweeted explaining the removal of a number of hummus lines "due to a production issue at our supplier" adding that the quality issue is being investigated with "no safety concerns over previously bought houmous".

In true British style, outraged individuals have used their 140 characters to share their turmoil:

Let's hope those pittas don't go lonely for too long.

Good one, Ealing.

Your guess is as good as ours, Nico.

Looks like we'll be reaching for the tinned chickpeas for a DIY dip this weekend. It might just inspire some new flavours.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry