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A Former Royal Chef Reveals the Eating Habits of Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and More

Out of all the fun facts about the British royal family, what they eat is possibly one of the most interesting. We already know that Prince George's school lunch menu is as fancy as a five-star restaurant's, so what about the royal family's eating habits at home? It's safe to say there are no super noodles in the Buckingham Palace pantry.

Marie Claire spoke to Darren McGrady, a former royal chef who cooked for everyone from the Queen to Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry, to get the scoop on how royals really eat. The revelations are somewhat surprising and refreshing (royals eat fast food, too!).

Chef Darren disclosed that sometimes dinner involved ball gowns and fine china, but other times, all Prince Harry and Prince William wanted for lunch was fast food. "I remember the princess came into the kitchen one day and said, 'Cancel lunch for the boys. I'm taking them out, we're going to McDonald's,'" the chef said.


Perhaps the most interesting of all is what the chef revealed about Princess Diana's eating habits. Princess Diana, who was honest about her struggles with bulimia and postpartum depression, began eating well after she confronted her eating disorder. Darren said, "It wasn't until she confronted it, and everyone put two and two together, that she started really healthy eating . . . she liked dishes like stuffed bell peppers and stuffed aubergine — she loved fish." The was, however, one thing she would never eat. "The only red meat she would eat was lamb. And that was when she was entertaining. She'd never eat beef."

To fulfil your craving for even more royal food facts, read Marie Claire's full article for all the details about the royal family's eating habits.

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