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If Banana Bread Had a Publicist | TikTok Parody Video

This Parody About Banana Bread's Publicist Is So Spot-On, Even Chrissy Teigen Relates

Chrissy Teigen, aka the banana bread queen, just introduced us to a hilarious video that any newfound baking aficionados will definitely relate to. In the clip, which was originally uploaded to TikTok, actor and writer Jordan Firstman does a hilarious impression of banana bread's publicist — if it had one, that is. "We did it. We got everyone home. We got 'em a bunch of f*cking rotting bananas, and they just went off," Jordan says in a fake phone call with "BB." "They're trying to get me to represent pumpkin pie right now? Like, b*tch, come back in four months," he adds.

As I sit here thinking longingly of the loaf of banana bread I have waiting for me on my kitchen counter, I can only agree with all of Jordan's hilarious quotes. The baked dessert has quickly become something of a 2020 obsession among at-home bakers. Chrissy has even gone so far as to reach out to her Twitter followers for ripe bananas and meet up for a socially-distanced banana bread exchange. Enjoy Jordan's full parody above, and maybe try a new banana bread recipe while you're at it!